Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 82

Week 82 (March 31-April 7)

This week , Jax learned the cat sound, pig sound (weeee weee weeee), and attempted the monkey sound.

He told me he pooped!!!! He looked at me and pointed at his diaper, twice in one day. Proud moment.

Every night, Jax likes to ruff-house with dad. He is a total spaz; kicking screaming, jumping around, it's his favorite thing to do.

Jax has been in size 4 diapers since he turned 18 months. He wears 18m jammies and 12m for everything else.

Sometimes Jaxon is hard to consol when he's crying. He will stand/sit there, either with his hands covering his face or his eyes will be closed and he will just cry. He will push almost anything away.

Jax got shots and was extremely upset. I think the lady wasn't very good at it. We went and picked out a toy truck after. I felt so bad for the poor kid.

Now Jax will hit out of anger. It's so frustrating for me and I constantly have to remind myself that he doesn't know better and I just need to be calm and teach him not to. It's really hard sometimes and all I want to do is walk out of the room.

Jax loves to sit on the bottom of the shower and just let the warm water hit him on the back.
Mike got a new job offer within the same company but a bigger step in the right direction. We are now moving an hour and a half north to Huntington Beach! We went apartment shopping and we are moving in this Saturday (April 12). I'm not sure how we are going to pack in a week. We are stocked because our new place in a half a mile away from the beach!
GOD IS SO GOOD! ( if you know our story you will understand why)


  1. Hey!
    I am amazed that you have kept up an almost weekly blog just for Jaxon, that is so awesome!
    And I just read that you just moved up here to Huntington Beach. Well I just wanted to say that I hope and pray that God blesses you all with good health and joy and peace! I don't really know you but I'd love to connect with you sometime! I actually work part time in Huntington Beach (Adams and Magnolia) at a bakery on the weekends Friday, Sat, Sun. Anyways, I'm sure you're very busy moving in and everything so once you get settled, maybe we can meet up!

    1. I didn't know you lived up here! We should for sure, I'm just not sure when. Life is nuts at the moment so when it all settles down then I think that would be fun :)