Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 77

Week 77 ( Feb 24-March 3)
 Rough start to the week. I think Jax might have some more teeth coming through because he is up multiple times during the night and back in bed with us. He likes to start his day around 5 in the morning. He has also been super grumpy and a little menus. I caught his spitting his milk out all over the floor and playing in it.

I got him his first piggy bank because I knew he would love putting coins in it. He kept asking for more and was so proud every time he would drop one in.
This child is a full on daredevil. He likes to stand on us and fall backwards onto the bed. He also likes to climb on anything he can. He figured out how to climb up on the barstool/chair that is really high for him. 

Knew favorite food is any type of cracker. He was actually saying cracker and then it somehow turned into just the K sound. He would wake up in the morning as cry and say "Kkkkkkk..... kkkkk".

He now will call for lacy and then makes kissy noises to get her to come.
He loves to doodle whether its with crayons or chalk or even one of those magnet boards.
Jax got a bad rash, again. I'm thinking it's from the smoothies since it has all types of fruits and veggies in it. I was so excited to give it to him since I knew he was getting his daily fruit and veggies. But know I'm thinking it's a horrible idea.

He now likes to copy what's on tv. I will ketch him dancing like the characters on Yo Gabba Gabba.

Jaxon LOVES watching Top Gear with his dad. Then again, he loves doing anything with his dad.

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Week 76

Week 76 (Feb 17-24)

We dropped Jax off with mikes parents so we could have a date night and it was so cute to see him get so excited to see them. When we went to get him, we have never seen him so excited to see us. He ran over and gave us both hugs. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. He went to the door and whined because he wanted to go home. When I walked over, he grabbed my hand so we could go outside. He even turned around and gave both his grandparents hugs and then ran back to me. Im just so proud of him.

Jaxon has been talking a lot more, mostly gibberish but he tries to communicate with us. He will start every sentence with "O". "O, dnsvshs fbdsjsjvddjdj" 

Jax is back to dribbling water and milk all over himself. He will take a drink and let it pour out of his mouth. Its annoying...

I let Jax play with chalk and crayons for the first time. He is such a little artist.

Got two molars up top, left and right. That is 3 teeth this month.

First hair cut!!! I trimmed the back and dad trimmed the top. Not too much of a difference but he doesn't have a mullet! 

We set up Mikes drums to get pictures to try and them. I wanted to see what Jax would do with them so i sat him on the seat and gave him the drum sticks. He was a natural! Maybe he will be a drummer just like his Dad.

Of course we went to Disneyland again this week. Cant get enough of it!

Week 74 & 75

Week 74
It's amazing how smart he is. He knows a lot more then we think.
He understands when we ask him to do something, and he also knows how to ignore us too.
Jaxon found my mascara and had fun putting it on. 

Jax said cracker this week.
Words so far (not 100% clear). Daddy, mommy, nana, doggie, cracker and lacy (acey)..

Jaxon wanted to go outside, so he grabbed his backpack and came over to me and started whining. he also lets us know when he wants to leave someones house because he will go to their door.

Jax has been letting us know when he wants to go to bed. He will grab his iPad and go over to his crib and start whining. 

I went to coffee break and MOPs this week. I absolutely loved it! It's nice to be able to have the daycare watch Jaxon and I get to hang out with other moms. We had a guest speaker that was amazing and told us the importance of teach kids about emotions and how to deal with them. I bought her set that will allow me to work with Jaxon. I know he is young now but why not start early?
Jax has 8 teeth now!

Jaxon rash was a big pain in all our butts.  We are starting to find out that it was because he ate too many little cuties. Every time he pooped, his butt would be bright read and he would cry so hard when I would wipe it. He would even cry when I tried to put cream on it, so I'd have to wash it off and not put anything on him. We let him walk around naked and he just loved it. 
Something that will embarrass him later- he got a little stiffy and this was the first time he ever noticed it. He would walk around like he had a load in his pants (no diaper on) and stop and look and it, and then do it again. He acted like it was so weird and didn't know what to do.
We put him in his bed and he loved being naked on his soft blanket. It was so cute watching him get excited and lay on his blanket.

One of the days he woke up from his nap and when I took him out and put him on the ground, I noticed that not only his pants were falling off, but so was his diaper.
Jaxon got his first banana, strawberry and mango smoothie. Well, I got it for me but he kept stealing it. He LOVED it!
Loves stuffed animals.

Jax can now make a car noise. It's pretty cute to watch him make the noise when he is playing with his car toys.

Because of bible study, we met and awesome couple who also have a little boy. Its been so wonderful finding other parents our age to hang out with. Its also been great for Jaxon to have friends to play with.

Week 75

Jax has now started to dance along with Yo Gabba Gabba. He loves the treasure dance and swings his arms back and forth. 
We let Jaxon chew on broccoli and to my surprise, he really liked it.

It's officially time for the molars. This poor kid has been in so much pain. One of the nights he woke up crying and he wasn't standing up like he normally does when he wants out, he was just laying on his back. We brought him into bed and he would lay down and whimper. Turns out he had a 100.2 temp. 

We went over to the Oliver's house for dinner and Jaxon would watch their dog drink out of the water dispenser. He was so curious about it that after the dog was done, we saw him go over and try to drink out of it too.

On Valentines Day, we drove out to my Grandparents house in Lake Havasu. Every year they have a huge firework show that goes on for 4-5 days from 6pm-10pm every night ( or close to that).
We got to sit in their backyard and watch fireworks the whole time. Jax would watch some and then would start to get antsy. On saturday we walked the park and then went to an old car show. It was so neat seeing all the old cars and Jax did great for the most part but he did have a melt down towards the end because he was so tired.
Sunday when we left, we went to lunch with my grandparent at a restaurant where they had fake girl pirates that Jax was so scared of. We tired getting a picture of him with one but he freaked out.

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