Monday, December 31, 2012


Wow. I can't believe tomorrow we will be in 2013.
If feels like just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant.
Even though this year was hard for us, I will say that because of my son, this is the best year of my/our life!

In 2012:
I lived away from my family for the first time. ( Something I never thought I would do)
I met a couple who taught me what real friendship is.
I fell in love with a church and I havent had that feeling in a long time. (No I never lost sight of what I believed in.)
Witnessed a miracle.
Got pregnant. ( Wasn't expecting that for awhile)
Saw myself with a huge belly (HAHA!)
Fell in love all over again when I met my son.
Moved back to my family.
My heart broke when I left the friend I grew up with.

I cant wait to see what 2013 will hold for my little family.

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16 Weeks.

My poor baby boy is sick this week. His nose has been runny and stuffed up. He slept with me last night so I could prop up his head with my arm to make it easier to breath. Oh the things your will do for your baby. I have been spraying saline spray up his nose and sucking all the junk out, which he hates but I know its only going to make him feel better.

Jaxon meet his cousin Asher this week. I thought Jax was tiny until we held him up next to Asher... and Asher is bigger then Jax when he was the same age. Poor Jaxon, he's going to be so small. I just hope he doesn't get teased like my husband did. 

I started hold Jax hands and pulling him up on his feet and he gets so excited that he is standing. He will smile and squeal with excitement. Its just the cutest thing.

As for me, Im starting the Just 10 Lbs pledge. Im dying to get this baby weight off and I really want to start eating healthy. I got some girls together to do it with me so we all wont quit halfway through. Wish us luck!

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Friday, December 28, 2012


Oh man, Im really slacking on keeping up-to-date on my blog. Sorry guys.
Christmas was amazing. We spend Christmas Eve with my family opening gifts and spent Christmas day with Mikes family.
I held Jax on my lap when we were opening his gifts and it was so cute seeing him get excited ( his version of being excited).
Man oh man did he get spoiled.

Christmas day my brother-in-law and his wife went into labor! How exciting is that?!?
She had baby Asher December 26 at 10:09 A.M. ( 7 lbs 8.5 oz and 20 In.)
We haven't met him yet but we can already tell he is a little cutie by the pictures.
Im so excited Jax has a little cousin his age. I never got to grow up with my cousins so this is really special to me.
Welcome to the family baby Asher!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

15 Weeks Old.

I was right, Jax is teething. His has been chewing on his fists, drooling everywhere and he has been cranking and eating a lot more. I feel like he is growing up way to fast. Mike and I didn't teeth till we were 8 or 9 months so its weird that he is teething at 3 1/2 months.
Jax still hates tummy time but needs the practice since he is getting more wiggly.
Once he masters the arms, he will be crawling in no time.

I wish I would have known about the app Project 365. I started it at week 13 and I take a picture of him everyday. Its another cute way to see the ways he changes.

This is special to me. This is my old baby pillow that I wanted to restore for Jax but it was too worn out. Instead, I took the fringe from my old baby blanket and made him his own.
We went to a Christmas party at the old neighborhood I grew up in. It was so much fun seeing everyone again and introducing them to Jax. He was a hit :)

Jax in his bumbo chair for the first time.

Jax and I met my two other friends at the zoo this week. I have a blast doing mommy play dates. This was the first time I put him in his stroller without the carseat. He loved looking around and then fell asleep all on his own.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

14 Weeks Old

My baby boy fits in his jeans now! You have no idea how much that excites me.
I still cant believe my handsome little boy is 14 weeks old... and I still cant believe I have a baby. 
Shouldn't I be use to the idea now? 
I love seeing how much he changes each week, like how he can hold onto a toy longer and bring it up to his mouth. He still needs practice grabbing it be himself. I usually have to open his hands and place the toy in it.

Im starting to wonder if he is teething. I have had a couple people ask because he has been drooling like crazy and trying to chew on his whole fist. It even looks like there is some white showing under his gums, and he has been super grumpy. But I'm not sure if the grumpy is him going through a growth spirt.

I have another funny story from this week. My lovely husband decided to change Jax and not put a diaper under him right away. Well, that wasn't a good idea. He started pooping, so we cleaned him up and then wipe off the changing pad cover. As I was holding him up ( because my hubby was changing the cover) he started pooping again and then peeing on Michael. Oh and did I mention this all happened right before we had to leave for a christmas party? At least we had a good laugh.  

 Jax got to meet Santa for the first time! It was so cute. He did great, not even one peep.

 He has such a cute pouty face!

 Jax LOVES staring at my hand. He will try to grab it and stick it in his mouth.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Is Coming, The Goose Is Getting Fat...

Lamaze Early Development Toy, Sir Prance A Lot- This is just too cute and I wanted something colorful that made crinkle noises when you squeezed it. 

Sassy Ring O' Links Rattle Developmental Toy- What a great stocking stuffer. Its cheap and the babies just love grabbing onto it. Jax also loves staring at the different colors. 

Skip Hop Interlocking Foam Tiles- I have always loved these. Many of my friends have had them in different brands but Skip Hop is my favorite! This is perfect for when Jax starts playing with toys. I wont have to worry about putting multiple blankets down and its easy to wipe up drool. 

Green Toys - Dump Truck & Submarine- My all time FAVORITE brand. 100% recycled milk jugs.  

B. One Two Squeeze Blocks from Toysmith- This is another one of my go to brands. Everything they design is so stinkin cute! These blocks are perfect for stacking (and knocking down). I cant wait for him to start playing with these.

Eric Carle Chime Set Infant Toy - Caterpillar/Elephant- I had to get some toys that he would be able to play with now. He loves the chime noise that they make when you shake them. Its nice to have a change from the normal rattle.

Some Christmas Pictures

A Christmas Card ( Or Happy Holidays!)  to all my followers!

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