Wednesday, May 29, 2013

36 & 37 Weeks.

Oh this child does not give me a break. 
He is always on the move. He loves to stand up on his own and will run while someone is holding onto his hands.
Oh, and he is already showing me that he has no fear. He will stand up on his toys while looking over his playpen. 

He will be the death of me.

This week Jaxon got a cold which left us with no sleep. It didn't help that both Michael and I got sick too. Poor guy couldn't breath through his nose and it went straight to a cough. 
So glad he is getting over it.
We took him to see the doctor because we though maybe he had an ear infection but luckily he didn't.
He is now 25 3/4in long and weights 15lbs 15oz.

Here are some more pictures of these last two weeks.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How About Another Giveaway??

Im so excited to announce another giveaway! 
And the best part is, 2 other shops are joining this giveaway with me!!

But you have to do a little work for it ;)
No I wont make you dance.

Just go ahead and do the raffle copter below!
Dont worry if you cant do it all. I know some of you dont have Instagram.
 But the more you do the more points it gives you to win!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

{Review} Crafty Stay-At-Home Mamas.

Now that I have a little at home business, I know how important it is to get your name out there. I also love buying home made things ( I love etsy!). So I thought I would do a shout out to some amazing crafty mamas.

If you haven't checked out my little shop its called Nothing But Glisten. Im horrible at updating my blog but I post pictures of everything I custom make for people on my Instagram and Facebook page.
Im now starting to post thing on my etsy account too.

Meet Mandy
She has a sweet little girl who was born 10.25.12 
and started this business to be able to stay at home with her. 
This girl rocks!
She seriously makes the cutest headband for babies, toddlers and adults!
She also made carseat strap restraints for me that I wish I had from the beginning! 
Best gift you can give to someone who just had a baby.
She also have a Facebook & Instagram account. Follow her!

Meet Megan! 
She started her business awhile ago but just recently started it back up again to also stay at home with her little man (born 12.26.12).
She is so amazingly crafty! She took the colors of my little business and designed an apron to match!
She creates all her aprons based off 1950s dresses.
Follow her Facebook & Instagram account.

I had her make the one on the left for my mom and the one on the right is mine.

Im super excited to also announce that these lovely ladies will be doing a giveaway with me in the near future! If you would like to get in on that giveaway follow us all!! Ill be posting when it starts on my instagram and facebook account.

Any other crafty moms out there that want to get their business name out there by me doing a review or joining in on a giveaway, please email me!
I love helping stay-at-home moms grow their business!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

35 Weeks- 8 Months. A Taste Of Whats To Come.

People once told me I'd regret the day I said I wanted my son to crawl...
They were right. Ha!
Life was so much easier when Jaxon couldn't crawl, stand up and roll over.
Dont get me wrong, I'm so proud that he has learned it all (in just 2 weeks) and does such a great job at it, but man... my job just got ten times harder!
Anytime I try to change his diaper, he rolls over. Anytime I try to change his clothes, he rolls over.
Anything I don't want him messing with... he grabs at it. He crawls EVERYWHERE, so I put him in his playpen and he stands up and cries at me. 
But then he does his cute little smile and all things get better. He's lucky he's cute ;)

I will NEVER take off his amber ankle bracelet (and soon to be amber necklace) ever again.
He was so incredibly grumpy and we couldn't figure out why. He wouldn't sleep, he cried constantly and he just wasn't himself. Two days after no sleep we realized he didn't have his anklet on. Once we put it back on he slept 8 hours! Mike and I noticed a HUGE change in his attitude after that. Its insane how it works. I swear by it!

My little booger turned 8 Months this week. He is size three diapers and is almost getting too big for 3-6 month clothing. My baby is getting so big. I also got to celebrate Mothers Day for the first time. Jaxon was SOOO grumpy in the morning but the afternoon turned out really nice. We all went and hung out by the pool. 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

33 & 34 Weeks.

These last two weeks have been HUGE.
Week 33, Jaxon pulled himself up on michael like usual, but this time he let go and stood on his own! After that, thats all he wanted to do. He was very proud of himself.
He also started crawling!! I posted some of the videos on our Facebook page. He would do it a little bit and then sit down. He wasnt too sure he liked it.
AND... He started saying DADA again.

Week 34, Jaxon started crawling around even more. He does this weird thing where he puts one knee down and his other foot is on the ground pushing. As a game, I move to one side of the room and he would crawl to me, so I will move to the other side of the room and he would do the same.
When we were over at his grandparents house, Michael put him down to show them how he could crawl, but instead of putting his knees down, he put his feet down and pushed up into a standing position! He couldnt stay standing but that is the first step. Later he took two step when he was with dad. Boy of boy does this kid need to slow down! He is constantly on the move.
He loves crawling after the dogs. Animal lover already :)
To get him to crawl more, we will stack his blocks a little distance away from him so he has to crawl to knock them down. Such a little boy already.
He is a pain to try to change. The worst is when he has a poopy diaper. Now that he can roll over, he likes to do that while I'm whipping his butt...Ugh!

This is how I find him during nap time.

Attack of the pillow!

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