Monday, May 6, 2013

33 & 34 Weeks.

These last two weeks have been HUGE.
Week 33, Jaxon pulled himself up on michael like usual, but this time he let go and stood on his own! After that, thats all he wanted to do. He was very proud of himself.
He also started crawling!! I posted some of the videos on our Facebook page. He would do it a little bit and then sit down. He wasnt too sure he liked it.
AND... He started saying DADA again.

Week 34, Jaxon started crawling around even more. He does this weird thing where he puts one knee down and his other foot is on the ground pushing. As a game, I move to one side of the room and he would crawl to me, so I will move to the other side of the room and he would do the same.
When we were over at his grandparents house, Michael put him down to show them how he could crawl, but instead of putting his knees down, he put his feet down and pushed up into a standing position! He couldnt stay standing but that is the first step. Later he took two step when he was with dad. Boy of boy does this kid need to slow down! He is constantly on the move.
He loves crawling after the dogs. Animal lover already :)
To get him to crawl more, we will stack his blocks a little distance away from him so he has to crawl to knock them down. Such a little boy already.
He is a pain to try to change. The worst is when he has a poopy diaper. Now that he can roll over, he likes to do that while I'm whipping his butt...Ugh!

This is how I find him during nap time.

Attack of the pillow!

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  1. I cannot even focus on the words due to Jaxon's adorableness. WHEW! He is just a charming little dude. I am loving his big blue eyes. It's hard to believe he is already 33-34 weeks old. BOO :( I cannot even fathom my little one being 5 months today. Can all of us mom's get together and brainstorm a time stopping device? Happy week, little momma!

    1. 5 months old already?!? My gosh time goes by. I will say, 6 months is when they really start getting fun. Just wait :) but the bad thing is time starts flying by even faster after 6 months :( jax is going to be 8 months in 3 days. And that doesn't seem like much until I think of him being 1 in 4 months!