Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7 Months.

Jaxon turned 7 Months on the 10th.
Time is really flying by and everyday he keeps shocking me with how much he is changing.
In the last month he has tried so many different foods- pears, squash, prunes, applesauce, sweet potato, mango, green beans, peas, and oatmeal. The only thing he had an issue with was the peas, so I mixed it with something else.
Jaxon learned to pull himself up.
He sits all by himself. He hardly even falls back.
He goes from a sitting position to almost on his knees.
He LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba and will watch it while he plays with his toys.
His favorite thing is his stuffed animal blankets that he chews on while falling asleep. He gets so excited when I give it to him.
He LOVES bath time. He splashes and tries to move around and pull himself up on the side.
Jax has been more ok with tummy time. Still isnt crawling but I think he will this next month.
He started saying DADA but then stopped.
We finally put him in his crib when he fell out of his bassinet. He will sleep just fine in the crib but doesn't sleep as long as he usually does.

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  1. He's so cute! Mya didn't start crawling until she was almost 10 months old!!! She like Yo Gabba Gabba too, but it creeps me out! How do you stand it?! Ha!

    1. I think I've watched it so much that I'm use to it now. Haha
      I have all the songs memorized! Oh gosh.
      At least it teaches them good stuff.

  2. LOVE the carseat photos. Do you have one from when he was brand new? They grow toooo fast :(

    Liam has so far loved every food we've tried, but we haven't tried peas yet & I'm kinda nervous......

    1. I do have one from the day we left the hospital :)
      I'll post it on Instagram for you to see