Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 16-29

Said bye for the first time. He says it in the sweetest little voice.
Learning how to say grandma and grandpa
Words this week:
kick "ki"
More "mo"
Loves kicking and throwing balls. It gets bad when he wants to throw toys.

Jaxon got his first fish tank. He loves to see his fish in the morning and when he wakes up from a nap. He wants to always feed them and knows how to get their food out of the drawer that has velcro on it.

We found a cyst on Jaxon's wrist this week. Everyone I have shown it to says it's normal and to just keep and eye on it. I guess it also runs on mikes side of the family.

Jax loves playing in the water but not so much in the pool. 

We went to one of Michael's friends wedding reception and Jaxon had a lot of fun running around in the grass. He grabbed Michaels Mountain Dew can and dumped it all over himself and me.

Auntie Nikki came up to see our apartment for the first time. We also had my friend Chelsie and her boyfriend over for a BBQ.

June 23-28
Jaxon's new thing is to grab our faces and give us kisses. He grabbed Michael's face and got close and just stared at him.

It was daddy's birthday this Wednesday (the 25th) and we surprised him with decorations and I invited his parents and his sister up for dinner. We rode our bikes along the beach and had dinner at BJ's. 

Ball "Ba"
Please "psss"
Still try's to say grandma and grandpa

Friday we went back down to Fallbrook for my friends wedding rehearsal dinner. I was one of the bridesmaids in her wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun. We had the grandparents watch Jaxon so we could have an adult night at the wedding.