Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 60 & 61

Jaxon loves feeding himself. He will sit there watching Yo Gabba Gabba and shove spoonfuls of food in his mouth.
I caught him walking around the room, in circles, and walking backwards while trying to balance socks on his back. Where do kids come up with this stuff? I sure don't do it.
 Well we all are sick again. As soon as Jax gets sick, we get it shortly after. Jaxon has been so grumpy which is either from his cold or maybe there are more teeth coming through.
Due to this wonderful cold he has, he has been waking up at 4-5am.

This is Jaxon's second Halloween. I was so excited to take him out trick or treating. We went up to our friends house to walk around their neighborhood. I pushed Jaxon in his stroller up to each door and put his pumpkin in his lap every time we said trick or treat. He started getting use to it and would stair into the pumpkin every time someone dropped candy in it.

He has now started hating being in the car. He will scream and start crying. "The fox" song comes in handy for those moments. Man he loves that song.

We went out to dinner for my Uncles birthday and Jaxon got to try my soup. This kid LOVES soup. He ate it like a pro!

I'm wondering if more teeth are coming in because he has been so whiny and so grumpy lately. It can be very exhausting at times.

"Angry eyes"
Now Jaxon knows how to do the scared face and angry eyes. It's pretty cute to watch him mimic us.

Week 61
This week I haven't gotten any sleep at all. Maybe because he is sick or teething? I feel like it's worse then when he was a newborn. He will wake up screaming and won't go back to bed. 

Jaxon loves dancing to "the fox" song. He gets so excited when it comes on. He can be anywhere and he will start dancing. I was driving one day and didn't even realize the song came on until I heard him giggling in the back. He was watching himself dance in his little mirror. 

He is now clapping his hands. He will actually flatten his hands and clap them together where before it was fists.

Jax knows how to point to his nose. We will ask where jaxons nose is and he will touch his nose/lips. 

Since he is still sick, he has been even grumpier then normal. He gets super grumpy if he doesn't get his way and throws the biggest tantrums. I'm not looking forward to terrible 2s.

It's now a fun game to sit on my while I'm laying down. He will even bounce to get me to make a noise.
Jax had a weight check up on Monday since he was below the charts the last time we were in. His doctor told us to feed him more fatty foods. We have been giving him cottage cheese, avocado, and smoked Gouda cheese. He is now up to 19lbs 3oz and is in the 10 percentile! Woohoo! His doctor was very happy about that. 
We also got cream from his doctor because of the rash he got from the target brand diapers. He also has a weird spot on the back of his head by his stock bite so she told us to put cream on that.

He got a kick out of watching Lacy chase the laser on our flashlight. She would run around the room and Jaxon would just laugh at her. When she would stop, he would walk over to her and push her back trying to get her to run again.

I made Mac&Cheese the other day for Jax and after he ate some, he would spit it out. He wanted the flavor but not the texture.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 58 & 59

Week 58
This week Jaxon tried yogurt and a spoon for the first time. I had never given him a spoon before so I was curious to see what he would do. He liked the yogurt so much that when I handed him the spoon he shoved it into his mouth. Apparently he was ready to eat by himself.
He also tried cottage cheese for the first time and LOVED it.

Sometimes when the food is too good but he can't get it in his mouth fast enough, he will hold the spoon but eat with his other hand.

Jaxon has started waking up and wanting in bed with me. Its exhausting because even though he is still tired, he can't get comfy and go back to sleep right away. Sometimes he won't go back to sleep at all! It makes it really hard for me when he wakes up between 4:30-5:30.

This kid LOVES showers more then bath time. If I sit on the bottom with him, he will come over and sit in my lap and let the water hit his back. 

Jax loves to throw away his diapers. After I change him and put him on the ground, he gets all excited for me to hand him his diaper. He will walk over and lift the lid just so he can stick it in. I had to turn the diaper pale around because he will stick his toys and whatever he can find in there too.

Jaxon's grandma got to babysit him while Mike and I went wine tasting for a friends birthday. I never realized how much fun it is! 

Week 59
Well Jax has been waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to sleep. I thought 5:30 was bad, he now is waking up at 12pm!! That night I had to let him play with his toys so he would get tired enough to sleep. I didn't get to put him back down till 3am.
He did want to brush my hair, so that was nice. Ha!

He has also been super grumpy. Either its the small amount of sleep he is getting or maybe he has more teeth coming through.

Jaxon has learned and mastered the fake sneeze. He sneezed in the shower a couple times and I made a big deal about it by making a funny noise. By the time he was done he tried doing it again just to get me to make the noise. Now he will do it when we fake sneeze, but his is more like spitting.

Jax started play hitting me. I had to teach him that wasn't ok. Then when we were out later in the week, he was so tired that he was getting angry if I wasn't giving him his way. He then would hit me on my chest (i was holding him) and every time he would do it, I would hold his hand and tell him "no". He did it a couple more times so i would hold his hand and not let go. After 3 times of doing it, he stopped.

Boy oh boy do I have a sneaky little guy. There are certain things he isn't allowed to touch so he will stand by it, look at us and without losing eye contact he will try to reach for it. It's like he thinks that by looking at us we won't see him doing it. 
He does the same thing with the dog food. He will even try to put his foot in it when we won't let him put his hands in it. 
Stinker butt.

We tried to get him to do pumpkin carving but he was more interested in scooping the dirt out of one of the pots. Mike was putting all the seeds in a bowl so he could roast them later and Jax was having fun scooping them back into the floor.