Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 55, 56 & 57

Week 55.
It is now the time where I will not take Jaxon out to restaurant for dinner. He through the biggest fit while we were out and I was completely embarrassed. He was screaming and throwing his food on the ground. Michael had to take him outside to give everyone a break.

Mike suprised me with a hotel room for my birthday. He had his mom watch Jaxon so we could have a baby free night down in downtown San Diego. It was perfect!
His friend set us up with an amazing room! She even sent Champagne and chocolates up for me.
We walked the town and went out for a great dinner. When we came back, we fell asleep and slept in! You never realize how great it is to sleep in once you have a baby. In the morning we got free breakfast and just spent quality time together. 

Jaxon now likes to shut doors. He figured out how this week and thats all he wants to do. Michael will play games with him where he opens the door and makes a noise at Jax and then Jax will squeal and slam the door shut. 

Grandma with her two grand babies 

Jaxon has now started pushing away the squeeze packets (baby food). He just wants to feed himself. Sometimes I can get him to eat from a spoon but thats usually after I give him other stuff to feed himself with.

Week 56.
Jaxon now says "hi" when we tell him too...most of the time. He actually says it a lot. I have gone to put him in his car seat and he will look up at his mirror, smile and then say hi to himself. He has also started waving when something says bye or walks off.
He had also started saying "uh oh". Man oh man is it cute. I was rocking him to bed as he held onto his stuffed blankie and he through it over his shoulder, looked up at me and said "uh oh". I couldn't help but laugh.

I packed away all his 9 month jammies. He still wears 9 month clothing but we thought it was about time to put him in 12 month jammies.

We taught Jax how to get off the bed since that's all he wanted to do. Then he fell off the bed because it was dark and I couldn't turn the light on fast enough. Luckily he didn't get hurt but it scared him and now he is more cautious... Which is good.

Jax got his 5th tooth.
Jaxon finally had his 1 year check up. He weighs 17lbs 14oz (not on the charts) and is 28 1/2in long (6 percentile). 
His doctor wants to see him back in a month to check his weight. When she was checking out his head she noticed that she couldn't fit the soft spot on the top of his head. She was worried so she order a X-ray which we did the following day. He HATED it and freaked out the entire time. We had to pin his head down to get a good picture. It was so sad to see him that scared. He clung to me after it was done.
Luckily there isn't anything wrong. He does have a soft spot, its just hard to find.

Jaxon loves to walk backwards and sit on anything he can.
Even his cousin.
Jax also learned how to shake our hands.
Nap time means throw everything out of your crib and then cry because you want your stuff animals.
Jax got to try a couple different foods this week. Homemade chicken noodle soup and smoked Gouda cheese. I have never seen him eat so much! He LOVED them both.

Week 57.

A couple things Jaxon learn this week was how to spin in a circle and how to kick a ball.
Jax finically got his six tooth. I thought is was going to come the same time as the 5th one but it followed close behind. I think he is going to have some more cutting soon because he had a tiny fever for a couple days and a lot of drooling.

I got all crafty this week and made Jaxon a teepee all by myself. This was my first time really sewing. I'm proud of myself. It came out perfect! He got so excited when I first put it up and let him play in it. Mike and I got inside and Jax would walk in and squeal and then run out and turn around and come back in. 

Jaxon's Nana bought him his own chair. It was so cute watching him know exactly what to do with it without us telling him to sit. He loved when we put it inside his teepee.

We went to a birthday party over the weekend where the kids got to dress up in their costums. Mike and I decided to get some shirts to match Jaxon. We make a pretty awesome superfamily.
We tried to get Jaxon to try cotton candy but he wouldn't eat it. He just wanted to feed it to his dad.

Jax wanted to walk Lacy for the first time. It took us forever to get down the street but it was so cute to watch him hold onto the leash and walk next to his puppy.
Jaxons first pumpkin patch. Post coming soon.

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