Friday, September 27, 2013

53 & 54 Weeks.

So I decided to keep this going just so I can look back and remember everything Jaxon does and the things he learns. Im going to attempt to do it every two weeks but Im not going to do the weekly chalk board photos like I have been doing. Its too hard with a wiggly toddler... yep, a toddler.

53 Weeks

Jax had his birthday and birthday party this week. Ahhh! I have a one year old.
Its amazing how much he has changed after he turned one.

Presents weren't very exciting for him. He just starred at them so we opened them for him as he watched.
The cute shirt my aunt got for him.

I started giving Jaxon solid food to eat once he turned one. If you remember, he hasnt been able to eat anything that was chunky because he would gag and throw up. Well, since he had been doing really good with yogurt bites, I decide to give him chicken and steamed carrots. He did amazing!!! He knew exactly what to do and LOVED feeding himself.

We had so much fun going to the beach while my cousin and their kids were here. Jaxon spent most of his time playing on the chair. He is such a little daredevil, if you haven't noticed. He also decided he wanted to walk off so we just watched to see how far he would go. Well the kid has no fear so we had to go get him. It was cute because he would turn around and wave to Michael and then keep walking. I snuck up on him one of the times and when he turned around to wave at his daddy, Mike wasn't paying attention and Jax started waving and yelling, "DA....DA!" He wanted his Daddy to wave back at him. 

His party was awesome. Besides me stressing out, everything else was perfect. Jax had fun with all his little friends and he got spoiled with wonderful gifts. You can see more pictures here.

 Jaxon learned how to walk backwards this week and thought it was so much fun doing it. He would bump into a toy or wall and walk forward and then do it again.

54 Weeks

While Jax and I were playing I had asked him where the puppy's nose was and he pointed to mine. So now he knows where my mouth and nose are and will point to them when i ask...most of the time. It just cracks me up to watch him point at things. I love watching him learn.

He now will smile big when I smile at him. It's like he gets excited when I smile.

Michael taught Jax to go down the stairs. He stopped wanting to go down on his butt so Michael taught him to hold on and put one foot forward.

Now that Jaxon is one, he thinks it's ok to throw major fits. He screams and gets bright red and tenses up. It's so emotionally draining. We can't take him out to eat anymore because he wants down and will start yelling if we don't allow him to walk around.

Jaxon learned how to move his eye brows. It's funny to watch him play around and he can now make a mad face. Ha!

Another thing Mike taught Jax this week is to throw his diapers away. After one of us changes him, he will grab his diaper and we take him over to the diaper pale and he thows it in there. He gets excited to do it.

I'm 25! The only exciting thing about that is cheaper car insurance. I'm old, or least I feel old.
My sweet husband planned a great birthday night for me. He had a couple of my friends meet at Bj's restaurant for drinks and then we went to a trampoline place for 2 hours. It was nice being able to act like a kid again.

I had Jaxon sign his thank you cards. He would hold the pen and color a little then turn it around in his hands and color some more. It wasnt easy keeping him focused on it, but I was able to get them all done.

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