Monday, September 9, 2013

51 & 52 Weeks.

Man oh man is Jax a daddy's boy. All he wants is his dad. Even though I always want him to want me, I love seeing how muh he loves his dad.

Jax bit my moms shoulder and my knee. He has no idea what he was doing because that's how he usually give kisses but this time he bit down. Luckily he did it once and hasn't done it again.

Jaxon now has 4 teeth! That would explain the amount of slobber and runny nose he has had. 

We signed up with a new bank this week and signed Jaxon up with his very own savings account. They had a deal that if we signed up we got $50 per account, so Jax got his first $50! 

We slowly started giving Jaxon whole milk this week. I started by mixing a little in with his formula. I also started putting it in a sippy cup instead of a bottle to start weening him off. He has done amazing! 

Jaxon met a frog. He just stared at it and wasnt sure what to do.

We had our first sleep over at my friends house this week. Jax went down alright but woke up at 3am in a panic. He refused to go back to sleep so since he wouldn't sit still in the bed, I slept on the floor with him. We didn't go back to sleep till 4:30-5. It was not fun. But besides that, it was a lot of fun having the kids play together.


This week Jaxon has been such a grumpy butt. I'm not sure if he is teething or just getting use to being on whole milk. He hasn't had a rash or any problems so I don't think it's the milk. He is now drinking all whole milk and no formula. Im just hoping it isn't hurting his tummy.

He is climbing on everything!! I can't turn my back at all or he will find something to climp on. It's exhausting. 

Jaxon is now throwing major fits. If he can't have something he screams and gets bright red. Are you sure he's turning 1 and not 2?

He got to play with his other friend, Eli. It so cute watching him play and get along with other kids.

We also did cake smash pictures this week! Check them out here >>> Cake Smash Pictures.
He loved it! He had more fun playing in it then eating it. He did get a good could handfuls in his mouth though. At the ends, he got up and wanted to stomp in it.

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