Thursday, January 15, 2015

Janurary 2015

Now calls dinosaurs, "Dino" instead of "Wee-Wa".
We had a great time for New Years. Our friend Chelsie came and stayed the night and we went out for waffle sandwiches. 
Lindsey and Monty came to visit and this was the first time we all got to meet Monty. Lindsey also hasn't seen Jax since we left CO when he was almost 2 months. It was so cute to watch Jaxon sharing his toys with Monty. There were times that I had to remind him to share but he was good for the most part.
One of the times that Monty had to take a nap, Jax helped Lindsey put a blanket over the pacNplay and he kept saying "night night baby".

Jax still has a problem with cinnamon. Every time he eats something that has a lot on it, his mouth and chin get bright red.

Jax has been so obsessed with Spider-Man that he has been wanting me to wear the mask around.
Fake whimpers to get his way.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

September 2014

Jaxon likes to try and fart on command. Ill ask him if he tooted and he will push to try and fart. 

We went to one of my oldest friends weddings and Mike had to wait outside with Jaxon because he couldn't sit still and was being really loud. 
He had lots of fun dancing at the reception. 

We took Jaxon to legoland for some pre birthday celebration. 

We will tell Jax to go to sleep and he will turn his head and close his eyes. He cant keep a straight face through it though. 

I had a bunch of balloons waiting for him on his birthday when we woke up. He LOVED it!! He was having so much fun kicking them around. I then took him to Disneyland where we met his friends. 

Jaxon will attempt to say "bless you" after I sneeze. I have never even asked him to say that.