Wednesday, August 10, 2016

33 & 34 weeks

33 weeks

Went on the swing with me and loved it.

Started pulling herself up but still not very good at it.
Gets on her knees but then drops to her belly.
Still not a good sleeper. She will take two good naps during the day but wakes up after 20 min at bedtime and stays up till 11.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

31 & 32 weeks

Hensley has been having a very tough time going to sleep at night. She will stay up till 10-11 and then only sleep for a few hours throughout the night.
You can tell she is teething because she will randomly start crying like it hurts and she just wants to chew on everything.

Hensley screams and cries when I walk out of the room.

We had new dart guns come in the mail and got them all loaded for when Mike got him. I put two at the door for Mike with a note saying to watch his back. Then we shot him! Jax had a blast! He loves at night when we have a battle. He will be on Mike's side but then I tell him to protect me and he will switch sides. Little trader. Haha!

32 weeks

Hensley still isn't crawling yet but if she wants to get a toy, she rolls from her back to belly, over and over again. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

29 & 30 weeks


30 weeks

Moved from the bassinet to the packNplay. It's harder to put her down now because she wakes up so easily.

Cries when you take something away. I was letting her chew on a bread stick at Olive Garden and once it started get mushy, I took it away so she wouldn't choke on a piece and she instantly started crying.

Hensley is so close to crawling. She will be sitting and tries to reach for toys and almost gets on her knees but ends up on her belly. Her doing that has also made it so she likes tummy time and know she knows that she can roll onto her back when she's done.

Hens may also have a tooth coming through. She's been chewing on everything and very cranky at time.

Hensley had her first (yes, first!) poopy diaper blow out. I had her stand the entire time while changing and wiping her down.
I slowed down on giving Hensley food (other than breast milk) because she wasn't very into it. I had bought avocados and decided to try this new bowl I got from Nuby that allows you to smush up food in it and feed them straight from that same bowl. SHE LOVED IT. I didn't even mix anything in with the avocado. I ended up putting it in another Nuby spoon that you fill it up and just squeeze to get the food out. Jax was able to help me feed her.
Hens has started not wanting to go to bed and stays up late with us. She wants to nurse herself to sleep but something it doesn't work so Dad has to stand and bounce her while watching TV.

Jax has been really into Nerf guns and we ended up buying 10+ off Craigslist so we can have wars at night. It's been so fun and a great way to spend time with the family. Hensley sits in her bouncer and watches us run around the house screaming and laughing.