Thursday, June 2, 2016

23 &24 weeks

23 weeks 

Bites and pulls while nursing! I stop breastfeeding when Jax did this. 
Sounds like she is trying to do the D sound.
Screaming very loud when she is mad or tired.
Slept all through the night.

Learned how to play Go Fish and is obsessed with it.

24 weeks

Practicing her sitting up.
Hasn't slept through the night since the one night last week.
I've started putting him in 4t shirts because length wise, they are getting short. As for pants, he still is in 24m/2t but since they are too short, I have cut them into shorts.

Monday, May 23, 2016

21 & 22 weeks

Screams at me when she is tired and wants to go to sleep.
She is now out of the swing and in a bassinet.

Got to see her Auntie Juli again and meet the rest of the family. 

22 weeks

Miss grabby hands. She grabbed a sandwich off my plate and it fell onto the ground.
Blows bubbles and makes adorable sounds. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

19 & 20 weeks- Jaxon's potty trained!


Some of the differences between Jax and Hensley:

•Jax took medicine like a champ, Hensley hates it and will gag and throw up.
•Hensley has a far worse gag reflex then Jax did. He only throw up toddler snacks before he could eat solid foods (Yogurt bites). Hensley gags on her fingers, teething toys, meds, snot from being sick, and she has even gaged on my nipple. 
• Jax didn't like other people holding him but Hensley doesn't have that issue.
•Jax was up all night screaming from gas and other tummy issues. Hensley has no problem passing gas but does have an issue with milk, so now I don't eat anything with milk in it.
• Jax hates his first bath- Hensley loved hers.
• Jax was very small - Hensley is growing fast. Jax was either below the charts or under the 10 percentile mark- Hensley is close to the middle.

On Sunday, we took the kids to the LA Zoo to see the dinosaurs. Jax had a great time looking at them but he didn't want to get too close. Mike held him up to see one of the dinosaurs and the look on his face was priceless!

We decided that it was about time to potty train. Jax was very excited and talked about his underwear a lot so I thought I'd put it on him and see what happens. I put a potty out in the living room and told him to pull down his inderwear and try to pee. Sure enough, he did. And then, about 5 minutes after, he said he had to go again. He pulled down his underwear, peed... And then poop! He was so proud of himself and knew he was going to get the MaxD monster truck we promised him. I've never seen him so happy. After that, he didn't have any accidents and he didn't even want to wear his diapers for a nap. 
We did put on a diaper for bedtime and he won't up dry, so if he keeps that up, we won't make him wear any. I'm so incredibly proud of him. 

20 weeks

He is completely potty trained. He will run to the potty when he has to poo. I'm so incredibly proud of thin. He doesn't even wear diapers to bed! 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

18 weeks

Had her first shots. She gagged and threw up the stuff she had to take by mouth and cried so hard for the actual shots.
She weighs 14lbs 3oz and 24 inches long. 48 percentile for weight and 22 percentile for hight.
Now weight size 3 diapers.
She can't fit into her 3m pjs but can still pull off 3m onesies.
Laughs when we tickle her but her laugh sound like a cough. 

Had a check up and he is 30 lbs and 37.4 inches. I think the doctor said he's in the 15th percentile. 
He understands counting. He can do 30s, 40s, 50s but skips 14, 15 and things after twenty nine it's twenty ten or 
Thirty nine then thirty ten.

Both kids at 4 months old