Thursday, March 28, 2013

28 Weeks.

I'm such a slacker. Its thursday already and I was suppose to do this post monday.
This was the first week that Jax was away from his daddy. Mike was in Vegas for a Bach party for 3 days. It was definitely weird for me since I haven't had a night alone with Jax.
Other then that its been pretty quiet.
Jax now weighs 14lbs 11oz and is 25in long.
He LOVES watching Yo Gaba Gaba.
He is always smiling!

This post is short but sweet.
Here are some more pictures.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

27 Weeks.

Im going to keep this short and sweet since I'm already 3 days late on posting this.
This week has been nuts! My little business has been growing and keeping me busy when Jax is napping.
I also started a 3 day cleanse and have been LOVING it. ( Not something you hear everyday)
Ill do a post dedicated to that later.
Jax has been doing so good with eating solids. He isn't picky at all (so far), which is weird because both Michael and I were very picky!
Sometimes I feel like Jax is already going through terrible 2s.
Any mood, he screams. And when I say screams, I mean pop your eardrums screams.
Its definitely not fun when we are out to eat...
Im hoping he gets over this soon. I will never smack or flick him to get him to stop screaming, so I blow in his face. It shocks and takes his breath away so he stops and I can say "no". 
Other then the screaming, he is a pretty easy baby. 
I dont have to stress about naps anymore. He goes down so easy.
I have found his tickle spots which are the same as my husbands. Can you say "Mini Me, well more like "Mini Him".
I can proudly say Jax is the best thing that has ever been given to me.
He is truly God's greatest gift. 
It gets me excited to have one more. Yes, I am thinking about my second already.
I love having a family and I don't have to be ashamed to say I want another kid.
Of course it doesn't help when I have dreams that Im pregnant again. We will talk more about this in another year when Jax is official a toddler.

I love God for everything he has done for us. I love my husband for being the best man he could be. I love my son because he is perfect. Im just so full of love!

Nothing But Glisten

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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Small Business For A Stay-At-Home Mom

Some of you already know that I started up a small business to keep me busy and to allow me to stay at home with my son.
But for all you who didn't know, let me show you what I do.

I make personally jewelry and buttons.
I LOVE doing it and want to get the word out so I can keep doing it.
Please follow me:

And to order, please email me at:

I will also be doing another post in the near future of other stay-at-home moms who are trying to start up their business. Let me know if you want to be featured! I would love to do a review, just like Mandy at helloJAXON did for me.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

26 Weeks & 6 Months.

This week Jax has started making a new noise for when he is hungry. Its like a whine but with his mouth closed.
He did his first official big boy poop, red face and all. 
He tried prunes and liked it.
We are back to doing cloth diapers! But when we are out, we are now putting him in size 2 diapers.
He isn't drinking as much since he is eating solid. But in the middle of the night he will suck down an 8oz bottle.
He stopped sleeping through the night and is back to waking up around 4-5am.

6 Months!
You are now eating solid foods. So far its been avocado, carrots, bananas and prunes.
You love avocado mix with bananas and avocado mixed with carrots.
You sit up by yourself so well.
You still hate tummy time.
You get up on your knees for a little bit and then get frustrated and plop back down on your belly.
You LOVE to hold onto dad or my fingers and pull yourself up to a standing position.
You LOVE nap time. You get excited when I put you down and give you your stuffed animal blanky.
You LOVE my iPad and iPhone.
Up until you turned 6 months you have been in size 1 diapers.
I packed away all your 0-3 month clothing.
You still fit in 3 month clothing. I also have you wearing 3-6 months and some 6 month clothing.
You weigh 14lbs 8oz and your 24in long.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Review} For All You Apple Moms.

For any of you who own an iPhone or iPad, you know how expensive they are and how expensive they can be to replace.
But I can also tell you how great both devises are for your kids! I have personally seen it improve lives, for instance, kids with autism.
So, that being said... spend some money to protect it!  I cant tell you how many I have seen them accidentally broken because of a child. So don't deprive your baby of playing with one just because you are afraid of it being broken.

I bought Lifeproof cases for ALL of my devises, 2 iPhones and 1 iPad. (He Just isn't allowed around the computer.)
Of course I like Otterbox too for protection,
But the big different between the two is the size. Lifeproof is a little longer, but is thinner. 
Also lifeproof can go underwater. Of course I still don't want to submerge it and take the chance of water getting in, but its on there just incase he slobbers on it or dunks it in a glass of water (trust me, Ive heard that one too).
It pretty much protects again anything ( just not fire...)

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And Yes, We Are Irish.

Sorry for all the pictures. I just couldn't t choose.

Happy 6 Months Baby Jax!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

25 Weeks.

Oh how this week has been exciting!
Jax has accomplished so many new things!
Only being a week away from his 6 month, we decided to try REAL food.
He did so good and had no problem going to the bathroom. ( Thank you probiotics) 
Oh yeah, and people weren't kidding about the poop smelling far worse when they eat solid foods.
He was starting to get bored with the avocado and wouldnt finish it, so I mixed in banana and that was a hit!
Another thing is he slept through the night. WOO HOO
10 hours after eating solid food!
I also started getting him to sleep in his crib during the day.
Im so proud of him.

He is talking so much more. Mostly sounds, but he says Dada when he gets mad.
Jax is doing so great at sitting up on his own and now he will grab my fingers and pull himself up to a standing position.
Such a proud mama!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Button Swap!

I LOVE sharing the blogs I follow!
What a great way to find other and be found.
I started this blog swap with a little cute and her sweet mom- The Life Of Lil Miss
Leave a comment if you would like to swap buttons :)

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

And The Winner Is.....

Congrats girl!
Ill be emailing you to find out what you would like it to say.

For anyone else that would like to order one, please email me at
Dont forget to follow my stores Facebook and Instagram to view other product!

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HolidayFavorites: Easter

I fell in love with Gap's Petter Rabbit line.
So stinkin cute!

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