Monday, March 11, 2013

26 Weeks & 6 Months.

This week Jax has started making a new noise for when he is hungry. Its like a whine but with his mouth closed.
He did his first official big boy poop, red face and all. 
He tried prunes and liked it.
We are back to doing cloth diapers! But when we are out, we are now putting him in size 2 diapers.
He isn't drinking as much since he is eating solid. But in the middle of the night he will suck down an 8oz bottle.
He stopped sleeping through the night and is back to waking up around 4-5am.

6 Months!
You are now eating solid foods. So far its been avocado, carrots, bananas and prunes.
You love avocado mix with bananas and avocado mixed with carrots.
You sit up by yourself so well.
You still hate tummy time.
You get up on your knees for a little bit and then get frustrated and plop back down on your belly.
You LOVE to hold onto dad or my fingers and pull yourself up to a standing position.
You LOVE nap time. You get excited when I put you down and give you your stuffed animal blanky.
You LOVE my iPad and iPhone.
Up until you turned 6 months you have been in size 1 diapers.
I packed away all your 0-3 month clothing.
You still fit in 3 month clothing. I also have you wearing 3-6 months and some 6 month clothing.
You weigh 14lbs 8oz and your 24in long.

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  1. Its crazy to believe how big he's gotten already! And what a doll!

  2. Goodness, he is 24 inches long? That's how long our Jax was at his 2 months apt! Haha, We have a longggggg baby. I am eager to see how much he weighs and has grown in length at our 4 months check-up the 7th!

    I wish I had the patience to do cloth diapers, but not being at home would probably make that 10x worse and hard.

    He is getting to be such a grown up little boy. I cannot believe its already been 6 months since he was born :(

    1. Yeah, my little Jax is going to be on the shorter side. No thanks to his parents haha

  3. I didn't know you cloth diapered! Welcome to the club! He's a lil peanut! Claire was 25.3 inches at her 4 month appointment :) she's going to be either a basketball player or a ballerina ;)
    I love that last picture of him! He's always so happy, it warms my heart.

    1. He is a lot smaller the most of the babies we know. I'm just going to have to teach him that size doesn't matter. :)
      And I used cloth diapers when he was 2 months and stopped for a little bit but now I'm starting back up again.