Sunday, March 10, 2013

{Review} For All You Apple Moms.

For any of you who own an iPhone or iPad, you know how expensive they are and how expensive they can be to replace.
But I can also tell you how great both devises are for your kids! I have personally seen it improve lives, for instance, kids with autism.
So, that being said... spend some money to protect it!  I cant tell you how many I have seen them accidentally broken because of a child. So don't deprive your baby of playing with one just because you are afraid of it being broken.

I bought Lifeproof cases for ALL of my devises, 2 iPhones and 1 iPad. (He Just isn't allowed around the computer.)
Of course I like Otterbox too for protection,
But the big different between the two is the size. Lifeproof is a little longer, but is thinner. 
Also lifeproof can go underwater. Of course I still don't want to submerge it and take the chance of water getting in, but its on there just incase he slobbers on it or dunks it in a glass of water (trust me, Ive heard that one too).
It pretty much protects again anything ( just not fire...)

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  1. I totally forgot they make Lifeproof cases for iPads. I need to get one ASAP before our little Einstein can get it into his grimy little paws. Haha. Ours has no case what-so-ever right now. I have had the worse time finding a first-generation iPad cover :(

  2. BTW, I did a little button swap action with you!