Tuesday, May 14, 2013

35 Weeks- 8 Months. A Taste Of Whats To Come.

People once told me I'd regret the day I said I wanted my son to crawl...
They were right. Ha!
Life was so much easier when Jaxon couldn't crawl, stand up and roll over.
Dont get me wrong, I'm so proud that he has learned it all (in just 2 weeks) and does such a great job at it, but man... my job just got ten times harder!
Anytime I try to change his diaper, he rolls over. Anytime I try to change his clothes, he rolls over.
Anything I don't want him messing with... he grabs at it. He crawls EVERYWHERE, so I put him in his playpen and he stands up and cries at me. 
But then he does his cute little smile and all things get better. He's lucky he's cute ;)

I will NEVER take off his amber ankle bracelet (and soon to be amber necklace) ever again.
He was so incredibly grumpy and we couldn't figure out why. He wouldn't sleep, he cried constantly and he just wasn't himself. Two days after no sleep we realized he didn't have his anklet on. Once we put it back on he slept 8 hours! Mike and I noticed a HUGE change in his attitude after that. Its insane how it works. I swear by it!

My little booger turned 8 Months this week. He is size three diapers and is almost getting too big for 3-6 month clothing. My baby is getting so big. I also got to celebrate Mothers Day for the first time. Jaxon was SOOO grumpy in the morning but the afternoon turned out really nice. We all went and hung out by the pool. 

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