Wednesday, May 29, 2013

36 & 37 Weeks.

Oh this child does not give me a break. 
He is always on the move. He loves to stand up on his own and will run while someone is holding onto his hands.
Oh, and he is already showing me that he has no fear. He will stand up on his toys while looking over his playpen. 

He will be the death of me.

This week Jaxon got a cold which left us with no sleep. It didn't help that both Michael and I got sick too. Poor guy couldn't breath through his nose and it went straight to a cough. 
So glad he is getting over it.
We took him to see the doctor because we though maybe he had an ear infection but luckily he didn't.
He is now 25 3/4in long and weights 15lbs 15oz.

Here are some more pictures of these last two weeks.

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