Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 Weeks Old

As I am writing this, my son is crying in his crib because I'm trying so hard to get him to sleep on his own. Im not to sure what im going to do since he can only fall asleep either in my arms or in his swing. Everyone has said to just let them cry themselves to sleep...easy for you to say. I let him cry to the point of him screaming, turning bright red and sweating! Is that normal? Ive had people tell me to keep letting him cry even at that point, but I just dont feel like that is good for him.
Never mind, he is back in my arms.
Wish me luck.

This week Jax has found his hands, which also means he has found his thumb. He needs a little more practice. He keeps poking himself in the eye every time he tries to suck his thumb.

As he gets old, he has been making all kinds of new noises. Its so stinkin cute! We recorded him making one of the new sounds.

Jaxon got to go to his first christmas parade this week. I got all teary eyed when he was watching the marching band go by. Im turning into a sap! I have never been like this before. He loved watching the fire trucks and floats with all the lights go by. As he started to fall asleep... a truck would go by and honk its horn! That left me with one grumpy baby.

Another thing he has accomplished this week is sitting face forward in his babybjorn. He gets to look around at everything, and loves it! It makes shopping so much easier for me.

Jaxon meeting Veronica and Chelsie.
We made cookies together.
Our first family hike!

By the way, I figured out how to put pictures up on here without paying! Just post them on your facebook page and when you click to download a picture like you normally would on here, just choose " From a URL"! Woohoo!
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  1. Oh my gosh, what a precious little boy Jaxon is! He is adorable!

    Summer x

  2. If you put him down on his tummy, pat his back for a while till he falls asleep. That might help his transition to go down on his own. Finding his own thumb will help too. Good luck! You're doing great!

    - Martha Jones

  3. oh my goodness his smile is so adorable! :)