Saturday, December 1, 2012

11 Weeks Old...A Little Late

Sorry guys, only one picture.
At this moment I cant upgrade the storage to post pictures. Plus I think its stupid that they make you pay monthly in order to do that.
So, if you would like to see more pictures then check out my facebook page.

At 11 weeks sweet baby is officially out of newborn diapers and on to size ones (but still have to be folded down). That was decided after he had a HUGE blow out at the mall. I even packed away the newborn clothes. I never thought how hard that was going to be till I did it. Reality hit me... my baby is growing up! I still cant stop thinking about how he is going to be 3 months so soon. Even though its sad that he is growing up, I love watching all the new things he does. He smiles and coos at us every morning, he coos at us when he has his diaper changed (unless he is already mad, then he screams his head off), and he now pops off my boob to smile and coo at me then goes back to eating.
He has been doing great at holding his head up. Its still a little wobbly but for the most part I dont have to have my hand there to hold it up for him. We took him to the doctor to do another shot and he now weighs 10lb 7oz and is 21in long. Woohoo he is a growing boy!

Hopefully ill have the picture thing figured out soon. I cant stand a bunch of writing without any pictures.
Its just to plain for me.

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