Monday, November 26, 2012

What should be the 11 week post. Delayed.

I have a great 11 week old picture of Jaxon that I wanted to put up this week... But it won't let me because apparently blogger only gives you 1GB of storage for pictures and I have used it all up. If I want more I have to pay monthly... Really?!?!
So at this moment, I am debating on weather I think it's worth it or not.

Leave a comment on weather you think it would be worth it... Or if you have another idea on how to put pictures on here without paying.

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  1. If you have photo editing software, see if it has the "save for web" option. My photos are all only about 150KB each (that would be about 6,500 photos in 1 GB). I also upload all my photos to Picasa web albums instead of uploading them to Blogger. Good luck!

  2. That is insane. I have never heard of such. I wonder if there is a way to check and see how much photo memory you have taken up already? (Like for me, since obviously you already know you're at the 1GB) I cannot believe it but honestly, when that time comes for me - more than likely I will end up paying because I couldn't imagine NOT having a blog. How much is it monthly?

    1. Hi Mandy.
      For 25GM it is 2 or 3 bucks a month. I ended up buying it because I post tons of pictures, though I'm going to try to do what the previous poster mentioned.

  3. How strange! Because Monday, right after we got home from our trip and I wanted to upload our Rome pictures, I got the same annoying message! I was seriously down right pissed off about it too! I had took many, MANY pictures in Rome and of course had to share them. I ended up paying the couple bucks a month so I can keep posting pics away. I'm going to try what Angela said too. Good info.

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