Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Weeks

My baby boy is now in the double digits. I cant believe how fast he is growing.
Of course, every mother says that but its so true. I wish I could slow down time.

Nothing big happened this week. We have just been relaxing and unpacking all of our stuff.
I think Jax will start laughing soon. He acts like he wants to but isn't sure how.

My mom and I went Christmas shopping for him this week. (I'll do a post about those toys later.)
Even after everything we got him, there is still so much I still want to get him. I would rather spend all my money on him then myself. I better be careful or I might spoil him haha.

Since there isn't much to write about this week... here are some more pictures.
No one could resist cute baby pictures.
( We still aren't sure if he was born with a birth mark or if its a stork bite, but its in the shape of a heart)

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