Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 80

Week 80 (March 17-24)
Jaxon has been obsessed with wearing his hats and also his backpack. He will wear them everywhere he goes. He would actually cry if he saw the hat and we didn't give it to him right away.

He has also learned the dogs sound and does the horse, cow and dinosaurs sound.

He loves drinking out of our cups. Its so cute to watch him try and be a big boy.

When he gets excited with other people around, he gets shy but in a funny way. He will cover his mouth when he laughs or cover his face and then look to see if anyone is watching.

We had a wonderful tea party at my MOPS group this week. I'm so happy I've started going to this. It's been such an amazing experience for me and I've met so many wonderful ladies.

I've finally started my own family cook book and I didn't realize it went great with my apron I had made for me. I customized my binder at Zazzle and got all my pages from an amazing etsy store called Clean Life and Home.

I cut Jaxon's hair, and it wasn't just a trim this time. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out for having a wiggle worm as a son.
I have to bring a doodle pad into the bathroom just so I can get ready in the morning. If I don't, Jaxon will cry and pull at my pants. I love that he will lay on his stomach and color.
Jax loves to act shy but enjoys the attention. He was doing this to our friend when we went to the zoo on Saturday.
Jax was so nice and would feed Dexton his cracker. I sure how the sharing continues.

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