Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 79

Week 79 (March 10-17)

One nap a day anywhere from 11-1
Still waking up in the middle of the night but easier to put back down. I think it's due to teething.
Facing forward in the car and loves it!
Loves his dinosaur and truck toys. He has even had to bring them shopping and to nap time.
Loves Dads RC truck and wants to watch him drive it around. He gets mad when is stops moving.
Jax got his first scrape on his knee from trying to go up a dirt hill and slipped. He only fussed because he was mad he couldn't get up the hill.
Jax would spend every minute with his dad if he could. He just loves him!

Jax surprised me and tried putting the key in the ignition. I didn't even know he knew that's where it went!
LOVES dipping his food in ranch and ketchup. 

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