Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 81

Week 81 ( March 24-31)

I guess I'm going to have to start getting use to Jax banging himself up. Oh little boys :-/
Jax decided to run around the back of our car while he was out watching Dad drive his truck and he tripped on the gravel. Since my son doesn't know how to fall properly, he fell straight on his face.
The following day, he ran with his sippy cup and fell and ended up biting his lip pretty good.

We had a nice day of rain, so of course I got the rain boots and jacket out so we could jump in puddles! Jax had so much fun and would run back and forth after Lacy. His Jacket is a 2t so it looked huge on him.

Jax can now say "Ready, set, Go!" You can understand "set" and "go" pretty well, but he still can't say "ready". He will say " seeee seeeeet doooooo!!!!" And then run off.

I caught Jaxon rubbing his food in his hair. Now he loves to do it and will massage it in. 

Jax tried to copy his dad while he was working out. We got him to attempt push-ups and squats.

I got to have a girls night and day with my long time friends. I was so nice to be able to get out without babies. We went wine tasting and it was amazing.

On Sunday, we went to disneyland with our friends from church. It was so nice to go with another couple that has a baby! We had a blast with both boys. Jax shared cheese dip with Dexton, straight off his fingure. It was pretty cute. 
Jax also got his bottom right molar that day so now he has all four.

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