Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 78

Week 78
Jax got his bottom left molar on March 5th

Jaxon woke us up at 1am and decided to talked my ear off and then wanted to jumped on the bed. we stuck him back in bed and he went to sleep right away. Slap happy maybe?

He now likes to lie on his stomach at the erdge of the bed and watch tv with his dad. They love watching Top Gear together. This kid already LOVES cars.

Jax amazes me on some of the things he knows how to do. He know how to turn the iPad around horizontally or vertical so the iPad is the right side up. If the app switches, he know to turn it to the right angle.

He knows where his poopoo is. I asked if he pooped and he pointed to his butt.

Started wearing 18m jammies. 
12 month jeans are still big around his waist. 

He takes one nap a day unless he's in the car, then he will sleep anytime we drive. If we are out in the morning he will fall asleep right as we get home and then he won't go back to sleep for his normal nap.

Can make the cow and horse sound.

Loves playing with cars and trucks. He is already showing interest in art. He loves to color!

Jaxon will now wear his hat. We went to church and he want to wear his hat and backpack and he held our hands and walked along side us. 
Jax rode in our friends car where the car seat was facing forward and he absolutely loved it!
We took him to watch dad drive his new truck. Jax sat on my shoulders and watched it the entire time. He was a little scared of it at first when he was down on the ground.

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  1. love your blog.. He is so cute...!!! I love his rain gear..