Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 83, 84 & 85

Week 83 (April 7-14)

Jax had his friends, Charlotte and Eli, over this week. It was so cute to watch them all play together. Jax just adores Charlotte and would copy everything she would do. I even recorded them playing in the teepee and he loves to watch it over and over again. He even watch the video that night and got off our bed, went into his teepee and started doing it again (scream and wiggle his arms back and forth).

I'm so glad we have a dog for Jaxon. He really does love his Lacy.

It's been crazy packing with a child. We took a job on Saturday and we moved the following Saturday. Jaxons Aunt, Uncle and cousin Asher came over to help us pack all our boxes in the truck the night because. Jax and Asher really get along well. It was nice having them both entertain each other. 

Unpacking with a 19 month old sucks. All he wanted to do was be held and didn't want either mike or me out of his sight. He pretty much screamed the entire day. Not much you can do when they feel so confused and out of their comfort zone. It's even harder when the people who are helping you don't seem to get it and get frustrated. All in all, it was a very hard day.

Sunday was Grandpa Ed's birthday and they stopped to see our new place and then we all went out to dinner. We found that Jaxon loves to dip his bread in oil and vinager... Just like his mom! Woohoo!

84 (April 14-21)
Loves giving kisses when I ask.
He is still being difficult. I guesss he is just not use to living in the new place yet.
He hasn't been sleeping very well at night. 
Jax knows how to open the doors in our place, which sucks because I now can't keep him out of the bathroom.

Let's talk about terrible twos... Why on earth are they starting this early?? He will sit in the ground with his hand covering his face and just cry.... Sometimes even screams.
He loves the roasted chickens from costco. He's like a dog and begs for it while I'm taking it off the bone. 
We are a 5 minute walk from a park now and it's just so great walking as a family down there after mike gets off work.

This was the first Easter that Jaxon got to do a egg hunt. We also celebrated mikes grandmas 90th birthday. 

Week 85 (April 21-28)

Jax it starting to get use to the new place but he still has his moments. 
We watch Frozen pretty much every day. I love the movie just as much as he does.

We went to a friends wedding and dat in the cry room since Mr antsy pants couldn't sit still. During the reception, Jax wanted to walk around to different tables and stair at the people. Once they would look at him, he would slowly turn and walk away. He was a crack up! He even wanted to walk over to the dance floor while the bride and groom were dancing.

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