Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 86 & 87

Week 86 (April 28- May 5)
Jaxon's friends, Charlotte and Eli, came up to play this week. It's amazing how good of a kid he is when people are over.  He just loves both of them so much. He will follow them around and copy what they are doing.

Jax loves this cat the lives by us. Every time he sees it he points and starts making his version of a kitty sound. When my mom and I were out shopping we saw the puppy stuffed animal Jaxon liked but there was also a kitty that looked like the one by us. We help both them up for him to choose and he picked the cat!

May 5-12

Jaxon has a very hard time listening to us. I told him not to feed his fishy crackers to the dog and the puts one down beside him so I wouldn't see and she sneaks over and eats it. What a little stinker! After I would grab the ones he puts on the ground and stick it back in his bowl, he gets up and walks around the corner, and looks back at Lacy hoping she will follow him.

We got beach cruisers! We can't wait to take jax on rides down the beach since it's only half a mile from us!!!

Jaxon loves to shut himself in Lacys kennel.

Sometimes Jaxon has to have his toys with him while he is eating or he throws the biggest fit.

I had a lovely trip to the hospital this week. Sunday night I was feeling super sick and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. The next day I was so weak and crampy. I just thought it was food poisoning. By Tuesday night I still was getting better. I couldn't get up and move around without being in so much pain. Taking care of a child and a dog was so hard for me. Jax had snacks for each meal because I couldn't make food. When mike got home from work I told him I felt like it was getting worse. We called a nurse and she said I should go to the ER. We found this out after we had just put Jax down for bed. We were so lucky mikes sister lives by us because she came over. We got to the hospital a little before 10pm. We didn't leave till 1. From what they could tell was that I have an ovarian cyst burst. I didn't realize how painful it was! My mother-in-law drove over an hour the next day to help me with Jaxon since I was still hurting. I feel so grateful for both her and Leah. By Thursday I was feeling myself again. I was able to clean and more around without a problem.

Since I was stuck in the house all this week, we decided to make a disneyland trip!

I dropped mike off at the airport on Saturday because he had work training in TX. I drove Jax and Lacy down to my parents house to spend the weekend. My sister came up and hung out with us too.

Sunday we went to the beach to see my bestie for was visiting from CO. My other friends came too and it was so nice having all the babies together.

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