Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 88 & 89

Week 88 (May 12-19)
My grandparents took Jax and I out to dinner since they were down visiting. We went to our favorite place, Olive Garden.
I have never seen Jaxon eat so much. He would eat anything we put infront of him. He was also obsessed with the peach ice tea I had.
Once we got into the car, Jax passed out. His first official food coma. 

Jax and I went and met Juli and her family at Disneyland. We had such a blast with them but man oh man was it hot! It was over 100 degrees and I thought I was dying. I wish I could have stayed longer but we left after lunch since the heat was so bad.

Jax got to meet Whinnie the Pooh at disneyland. He was so excited to see him from a distance but was too scared to go up to him.
We skyped with Dad and Jax got so excited to see him! He was giving him high fives and would even kiss the screen. It was too cute. He really missed him.

Juli and the family came over to our house to hang out and see Mike when he got back. We miss seeing them all the time. 
My darling friend, Liv, came over to take boudoir pictures of me as a gift to Mike for our anniversary. She did such an amazing job! I was so impressed with how well they turned out. 
After the pictures we all went to the park and just hung out. Jax loves Eli and Charlotte. Jax and Charlotte even climbed in the dog kennel together.

Dad took Jax and I to disneyland to spend some much needed family time.

After disneyland we did a fun bike ride down to the beach.

Week 89  (May 18-26)
Jax loves pooh bear and gets excited when I put the movie on. He will run in his room and get his stuffed pooh bear and lay on the ground and watch the movie.
He also loves frozen, jake and the never land pirates, and Mickey Mouse club house.

He has to have pooh bear when he watches the movie.

Jaxon definitely likes to test me.
He will purposely do things he isn't suppose to and look to see if I'm watching. I found him getting into his dad's stuff again so I took a picture to send to Michael to prove a point and right after I put the phone down Jaxon smiled so big like he knew I took a picture.

We have so much fun dpi family bike rides. It's great to get up in the morning and ride down to Starbucks. 

May 25- got both his top canine teeth. Both at the same time...
It was a rough couple of nights.

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