Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 26- June 16

May 26-June 16

For memorial day we took Jax to the waterpark for the first time. We also went with Michael side of the family. Jax loved the water but got a little scared when we went in deeper.  He also stood in line 3 different times to go down one of the little slides into the water. Michael would make him stand in line (he did a great job waiting) and I would be at the bottom of the slide waiting for him. He had a scared face while going down the slide but wanted to do it again. The last time he went down the slide he ended up turning sideways and going backwards.

After the waterpark we went out to dinner and towards the end Jaxon went outside and ran around with Michael.  He fell and got his first bloody nose.

Jax loves to watch the pooh bear movie.
He will snuggles with me while watching it.

Jax points to either his or my head and says "Hea". He can't seemed to make the D sound yet. He also does that with nose but says "nooo". He will point to other parts but just can't say them yet.

We have a DVD player in our new car and Jax has to watch his Cars movie every time you get in.

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