Thursday, July 4, 2013

41 & 42 Weeks.

My spaz child does not like to hold still to take pictures anymore.
As you can tell in the pictures, I had to give him a bottle so he wouldn't roll over.

Jaxon loves to dance! He dances by bouncing up and down while standing. Ill clap my hands and tell him to dance and he'll bounce up and down. Its just too cute.

All he does is walk around. This kid is a walking pro. He can now turn around while walking and his balance has gotten so much better. He also stands up from the sitting position without a problem. If he gets excited and cant walk fast enough, he will end up crawling.

He got a little play set (if that's what it's called) and LOVES the mail box. He loves putting toys in his mailbox and take them out. 

These last two weeks Jaxon has learned how to smack his lips. I think he is trying to copy our kissing noises.
Jaxons Great Grandparents came to visit this week. He is so lucky to have such a loving family. He had such a great time with his Great Grandma Karen.

I love watching jaxon play with all his baby friends. It is so cute to see him get excited to play with them.

Jax gets bashfull now with people. He isnt scared of them and he isnt shy, but he knows hes cute and smiles and turns his head when they talk to him. 

This kid has my heart. Boy do I love him.

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