Monday, July 22, 2013

44 & 45 Weeks.

Jaxon has been super grumpy and drooling a ton, which has got me thinking that there might be another tooth coming soon.

My adventurist little boy has hurt himself a lot this week. He fell and hit his lip on his wooden toy- just a little blood. 
He will not go down our two steps backwards, he would rather step off and roll. I let him do it in hopes it would scare him. Nope, he keeps doing it, even after I keep turning him around and showing him how to go down backwards. (Don't worry, there carpet so the most that has happened was the rug burn on his face. He thinks its fun to climb on his piano and look over his gate- we had to take it out of the playpen. What scares me, is his dad was the same way, not scared at all, so now I know I'm going to have my handsfull with this one.
He also dropped one of his wooden puzzle pieces on his toe, no blood but he cried. Those thing are heavy :(

Jaxon loves dropping his toys over the gate, well he loves dropping anything anywhere. He will wake up from nap time and everything will be out of his crib. 

Jaxon loves being outside! We try to do the park once a week and we also did a fun hike. Oh how I love my Ergobaby!!

Jaxon started saying "Hi"... Of course to him it's just another sound he is making, but it sure is cute.

Jaxon finally learned how to sit down and go down the steps. Now it's a game and that's all he wants to do.

I finally packed away all his 6m clothing. He is officially in all 9m clothing (and he is 10 1/2 months old).

Jaxon started waving but wont do it when we ask him. Somehow a cute girl got him to wave to her at the grocery store. Such a ladies man already.

He also learned how to clap his hands. Another thing he won't do when we ask him so we can show someone.

Jaxon figured out he has a tongue. He reminds me of a whale when he sticks it out and points it up to his lip. I think that has also helps him figure out how to eat solids... Or at least it's a start. He was able to eat yogurt bite without gagging, but did gag on the puffs a couple times (just didn't throw up).

While Jaxon and I were playing the other day, a show came on the TV with some music and he started dancing! It was so cute! I wish I could have recorded it. At least he will dance when we ask him to.

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