Thursday, July 25, 2013

{Cara Box} July Reveal

 This is my second month doing this but the first month that I got a box...
and I LOVE it!!
This months theme is Nautical. How fun!
I was paired up with two lovely girls; 
Aleshea, who sent me the box and Jennifer, who I sent a box to.
I just love being able to get to know other amazing girls who enjoy blogging just as much as I do.
If you want to be able to join in on this awesome Cara Box Exchange, head over to wifessionals.

My box!!!

This box was meant to be mine! It was perfect!!

Aleshea was so nice to put some fun little toys in the box for Jaxon.

I dont know if Aleshea knows, but I'm OBSESSED with these cups (plastic mason jar)! She also stuck in a couple EOS Lip Balms. I have wanted to try this for so long but kept forgetting to buy some.
She sent some tea because we had been talking about how I have never tried sweet tea. How sweet is she?!?!
I also cant wait to make cupcakes in this adorable nautical cupcake set.
Thank you Aleshea!!


  1. I love Aleshea and that box has her written all over it! I'm sure you already know she works with kids and has a sweet tea from mason jars obsession! She did great, of course! :D

    1. and....what do you mean you've never tried sweet tea? Where do you live?

      I was married June 5 too! but 2010 :)

    2. Haha yeah I've never tried it, but that's because I never really cared for tea growing up. I live in San Diego, ca. But now I have to try it :)
      Yay for June 5th weddings!

    3. Yep, I get excited when I and matched with someone who has kids because then I have an excuse to be in the toy isle.
      Sierra I am so glad you liked the theme. I wanted to find a pink mason jar but they were fresh out. Can you believe I got the last of those cupcakes and they were on clearance. They were in a random section in Target. I was like it's meant for me to buy these for you. I'm also really glad Jaxon loved them. Had to look out for my fellow September baby.