Tuesday, July 30, 2013

46 Weeks.

Oh my little stinker baby. When he knows he has something he can't have, he will look at my and run the other way... Yes, run. That's something new this week. He isn't very go at it but its definitely a run.
Back to him being a stinker. When I tell him "no", he will stop and then he will go back to doing it again.
How many times have I said I have my hands full with this one? Oh yeah, a lot.
He got his first top tooth! So now he has one bottem and one top... Opposite of each other.

Jaxon loves his puppy, Lacy. He gets so excited when I let her in to play with him. We will chace her around the room and he will just laugh. It's so darn cute!

He is now at the stage where it is just to hard to take him out to eat. I have tried bring his mesh thing and putting pickles in it but when he gets tired of it he will throw a fit.

I will say this kid has stolen my heart. He can be such a sweetie when he wants to be. He will run up and give me a hug by leaning against me and putting his head on me. When he is in the mood, he will give me lots of kisses. 
Some much love <3


  1. Run?! Girl, you have seriously got your hands full! It's a good thing he's so cute!

    1. Yes, he is very lucky he's cute lol
      I have to block him from EVERYTHING.

  2. Well done on being so consistent with your blog! i dont know how u have the time, i am just restarting my blog you should check us out http://cr8v-design.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I dont know how I have the time either.
      I have been slacking and late on some of mine.
      I love that your starting yours!!