Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{Yummm} Making Baby Food.

I have been planning this post since before Jax was born!
I have always wanted to make his food because it can be cheaper and I can make sure its always organic.
We started off with avocado.
I cut it up and put it in our Vitamix (best blender ever!)
I had to add milk to make it smoother for Jax.

 I have found its easier to put in a plastic bag and cut the corner off to make it easier to sqeeze into the ice cube trays.

To make squeeze packets, I bought Infantino Squeeze Station, along with the squeeze packets.

 It makes life so much easier.

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  1. Wow! I was wondering if that infantino squeeze station is worth the money! Are there any books you are using?

    1. No, even though I probably should be but there is so many recipes online. And I have stuck with the basics like (organic) carrots, green beans, squash, avocado, and pears.

  2. WOW! I really like that squeeze station. I have debating about doing something like this but I think with working full time and all I wouldn't have much time and it wouldn't be as beneficial for us as far as cost per use goes. I am loving the colors though, very eye catching. Where did you find the baby food holder thing? The tray? I love it. I would love to do the whole baby food making thing, so sad I don't have more time.

    1. I usually do it once he goes down for bed. And I got the trays at target :)