Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Please Help This Mama!

A couple days ago (June 11th) a family friend of my hisband passed away after being hit by a car on his motorcycle, what makes it even worse is he lefts behind his pregnant wife would went into labor later that day. I write to you all asking for help! She needs love and support from everyone because she is now doing this all alone. I couldn't imagine having Jax by myself, let alone right after losing my husband. My heart just breaks for her.

I had a couple girls come to me saying they wanted to help by selling their product and sending the money they make to Paige (the widow) and her newly born son, Liam. 
I ask all of you for help. If you don't see something you like but would still like to donate, here is the link >>

Here is my shop and the necklaces I am offering. 

Here is what you can choose from:
"Prayer is powerful"
"Nair Family <3"
"Psalm 34:18"
"John 14:27"
"2 Corinthians 5:7"
"Jeremiah 29:11"
Please email me to place an order:

They are $20 each and $3 for shipping.

Everything is done directly through Paypal.

She offers- cheetah print, navy and white stripes, white, hot pink, yellow, yellow and white stripes, pale yellow, lime green, lime green with stripes, solid black, black with pink polka dot, pink with black polka dot, white with black polka dot etc etc. You can choose the thicker headband option of your color/pattern {chevron prints of nearly every color, damask print, aqua and white tie-dye}.
3 pack Shabby $10
Headwraps $7.95

Shipping $2
To order, please email

Erikka @ C. Marie's Boutique 
Single Bow $6 and Double Bow $8
Shipping $2

For orders and sizes, Please email her at:

All shops are responsible for sending out orders and donating the money.
Everything except shipping will be going to Paige.
This will go on till Thursday the 20th
Thank you all so much for helping!

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