Saturday, June 8, 2013

Anniversary Getaway + First Night Away From Jax

Vacation is so different when your a parent, whether you bring the kids or not. We were excited to leave and excited to come back to our baby.
Jaxon stayed with my mom for the night we were gone (we had a one night anniversary vacation). He did great with her.

We stayed at La Costa Resort for our two year anniversary all thanks to my childhood friend, Anta. She got us into the spa area for free with free drinks! She was such a huge part to making this special for us.

We spent the whole time relaxing by the pool and in the Roman showers. I NEED a Roman shower!
This was the perfect way to spend our anniversary.
We did start missing Jax by the second day. Nothing we couldn't handle but I think if it was a lot longer then I would have wanted to go home to him. One night was perfect. We got our much needed sleep and got to relax but when alls said and done, I love coming back to that smiling face. He was SO exited to see me. He kept getting all gidy when I was holding him and he would come in close like he was giving me a hug. Man I love this kid.


  1. This place looks gorgeous! I think I need a roman shower now too...

    1. Everyone should experience a roman shower once in their lifetime lol