Tuesday, June 18, 2013

40 Weeks.

Hello Slobber!
This kid produces so much drool. Before I had Jax, drool and slobber grossed me out but now it doesn't even faze me. You would think some teeth would be popping through with the amount of drool that has been pouring out.

We officially have a walker. Last week he took some steps by himself but now he will just start walking around all by himself without me trying to make him do it. 

He has also been doing so good playing by himself. He doesnt always need me right by his side. But of course he would rather someone be there. If he doesn't see me he is good but once I walk by he makes it a point to let me know I should be right there with him.

Poor little Jax is sick again. Bad cough that looks like it hurts. I just hate when my baby doesn't feel good. 

This week my bestie and her little family were visiting from CO. This was my first time meeting Ember (I moved back the day she was born). Man oh man did she love Jax and he wasn't too sure about her at first. All the babies got to go to the beach and Jax got his first mouthful of sand, yum!

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