Saturday, June 15, 2013

38 & 39 Weeks (9 Months)

Jaxon started making the mini me sounds. He will look at me and go "eeeeeeeeee".
It seriously crack me up.
He also likes to move his mouth like he's chewing but he still can't eat chunks of food, only baby food. 

This picture explains how EVERY diaper change goes. Poopy diapers require two people to change. Ugh!

Jaxon got his first piano for $5! Go eBay!
And man does this kid love it!

Jaxon took his first steps by himself this week! He kept falling but Michael kept working with him. Watch the video  

Jax is starting to kiss me! After his nap I was holding him and with an open mouth he went in for a kiss, 3 times! Such a happy mama right here! Now I'll ask him for a kiss and pucker my lips and he will lean in and let me kiss him. Such a goof ball.
This week I had my first night away from him. Read about our anniversary trip 

Jaxon learned how to make a clicking noise with his tongue. He likes to mimic us when we do it. He also loves to make noise by blowing out his nose.

Ahhhh! 3 more months and Jax will be a year! I have already started planning his birthday. Woohoo!
In month 9:
Runs while hold onto our hands
Took his first steps by himself
Weighs 15 lbs 15 oz and is 25 3/4 in long. (a couple weeks before he turned 9 mo)
In size 3 diapers
Wears 6m clothing
No teeth yet
Won't eat solid food, just baby food
Loves crawling/walking back and forth
Loves toys that rattle
Still wakes up once in the middle of the night ( between 12am-3am)
Takes two naps a day
Actually laughs now

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