Tuesday, August 13, 2013

47 & 48 Weeks.

Jaxon has found the toilet.... And toilet paper. If he has a chance, he will book it to the bathroom so he can put his toy in the toilet.

This week has been rough on us. I was lucky enough to get my IUD out without surgery but it wasn't a fun process. See previous post >>IUD Hell.
Ontop of that happening, Mikes and my debit card info was stollen and our account was drained. Now here is where it gets weird. They not only had our card info but our address and emails. So a lot of the stupid things they bought (perfect pancake) was sent to our house. When we told the bank that we were getting conformation emails, you could tell they thought it was us buying it... Why would I want a perfect pancake and growth hormones ?!? To me it feels like some punk kid that is going around just trying to ruin people's lives. Luckily, after calling company's and canceling and working with our bank, we were able to get our money back. It's going to take 2 weeks before we have all our money though. So frustrating.

Jaxon's Nana bought him a stuffed alligator and ive never seen him so excited before. He was giving it hugs when he was in the shopping cart. When he wakes up in the morning, he will run over and give it a hug. Some good ol' fashion alligator lovin.

Jax got his third tooth this week! Now he has two bottom teeth and one top.

We got jax to start shaking his head like he is saying "No". I think he just does it because he likes the feeling. It's pretty cute.

This week Jaxon learned he can through toys. It's great when it's a ball, but not so great when it's an iPhone at my face. Also, his hitting toys (to make sounds) has turned into hitting us and the dog. Now begins the teaching to not be mean. I have to remind myself that he isn't being mean, he just doesn't know yet and it's my job to teach him not to do that.

Jax started pointing to things this week. He actually seems interested in learning what things are, or showing me something. Speaking of showing me things, whenever Jax wakes up from his nap and I go to get him, he will show me how he can turn on his sound machine in his crib. Once he turns it on, he will look up at me to hear me tell him "good job".

Jaxon learned if he moved his figure up and down in my phone, that it will scroll through whatever I'm looking at.

This week we had a dinner date with some of Michael's old friends and they have a little boy names Eli who is 9 months older then Jax. Jax was pretty excited to see Eli and once Eli warmed up to Jax, they had so much fun together. I love seeing Jax play with other kids.

Jax figured out how to rock the rocking chair. He even rocked me while I was sitting in it.

Oh Mr. Hugs & Kisses. Man this kid can be the sweetest little thing. When I'm sitting on the ground with him, he will run up and give me a hug, turn around Togo get a toy and then come give me another hug or a kiss. He LOVES giving kisses. He will even give his puppy a kiss.

My long time friend had her baby this week. Unfortunately Jax and I are both sick so we haven't been able to meet him yet.

Jax is 11 months old! One more month till I have a 1 year old. I just can't believe it. This kid is growing too fast.

And a special happy birthday to Seth!!

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  1. What a cute little guy Jax is! My little one was born in November of 2012 and has started shaking his head 'No', too. We always pose questions that would be funny for him to say NO to, and do it right when he is shaking his head hahaha. They grow up so fast! I'm loving your blog!


    1. Aww thanks :)
      I should try that with the questions, but of course when I do I know he won't shake his head for me. Stubborn little guy lol.