Tuesday, August 27, 2013

49 & 50 Weeks.

Oh man does Mr. Jaxon have stinky feet. And of course I found out the hard way.
We had been playing at the park and when we got home I laid him down on the bed and gave him a bottle. I bent down over the bed like I usually do to hold it for him when he is lazy and he decided to stick his feet in my face, his stinky feet. I swear he gets that from his dad.

Jaxon has actually been giving us high fives when we ask. He has also been big on waving to people when they wave to him. He still is very stubborn when we ask him to do it.

New favorite thing.. the "stink bug". He loves to put his head down and his butt up in the air.

Jaxon did something very cute this week. Michael brought his in bed with us when he first woke up and usually he will lean over and kiss me and then kiss Michael. Well he did that so after I kissed Michael to see what Jaxon would do and he just stared. So I did it again and again. After I stopped and looked and Jax, he grabbed Michaels shoulder and brought him in to kiss me. He would move his shoulder back and then back in again to make him give me another kiss. It was just too cute.

We took Jaxon down to sea port village this week. The last time I had been there was when I was pregnant and visiting for my baby shower. My dad was staying at one of the hotels for a convention so we just went and hung out for the day. Jaxon was so excited to be in the hotel room and was able to run around and touch EVERYTHING. He had a great time swimming and walking around and seeing everything.

Jax has always been able to see himself in his car seat because we have the little mirror there so I can see him while I'm driving. Well yesterday I was sitting in the front seat waiting for Michael and I could hear Jaxon laughing. I looked back and he was throwing his blankie on his head and laughing at himself. I was able to get a video of him doing it.

This week Jaxon started coping our laugh. We will laugh and he will force a laugh out. Now we will walk around doing a fake laugh at nothing.

We took Jax to the beach to meet up with some of Michael's old friends. Jaxon was so content playing by himself in the sand. I kept him in the shade and put tons of sunblock on him and a hat. For the little time he took the hat off and walked out of the shade from the umbrella, his poor little face got a little sunburned. I felt horrible even though its not a bad burn. After the beach he got to watch a live jazz band and a bunch of old people dancing. He had such a great time.

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