Friday, February 19, 2016

8 & 9 weeks

Jax tried nursing pooh bear

Jax stayed down with my parents for the night and they took him out golfing. He loved it and now everytime we pass by a golf course he talks about when he went golfing with Nana and Papa and how he hit a ball in the hole.

9 weeks!

2 months
11 lbs 9 oz
Starting to smile
First bad cold 
Size 1 diaper
0-3 month clothing
Loves listening to her brother sing and talk
Loves showers and baths 

Went to church for the first time and got to watch Daddy play the drums.
Both of the kids got a nasty cold. Poor Hensley has such a bad gag reflex that when snot runs down her throat, she gags and throws up. It's been horrible. Both Mike and I got sick right after too.

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