Friday, February 12, 2016

7 weeks

Loves sitting with me and looking around.

Loves falling asleep at the beach to the sound of the waves.

Smiled a couple times and starting to make sweet little noises. 

Knows when it's bed time because she gets mad until I lay down with her so she can fall asleep.

Jaxon loves snuggling with her.

Spits up a lot but not as bad as Jax did. 

Hensley met Grandma Jackie and Lyndsey. She also met Chelsie too.

Broncos won the super bowl and Hensley did not like all the yelling. Jax on the other hand was having fun watching it and would get excited when they got a touch down!

Jax wasn't listening to me at the beach and a wave came up too fast and knocked him over. He was so mad because he was drenched. 

Mike took Jax to monster jam for the first time and he LOVED it. They had the perfect spot right by a backflip jump.

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