Sunday, March 6, 2016

10 weeks

Both kids have been feeling better this week but Mike and I can't seem to shake this cold. It's been such a pain in the butt.

Hensley has been smiling and talking so much. She does it most when she is getting her diaper changed.

Jax is getting so big it scares me. He is now at that fun age where he says the most random things. I've been trying to write them down when I can so I never forget. 
Jax counting: twenty eight, twenty nine, twenty ten!

Me: Jax, what did you have for lunch?
Jax: Mac&Cheese
Me: where did you get that?
Jax: Walmart.
Mike took him to Panera. 

Jax will pick a flower and bring it over to me saying, "mommy, I picked you a flower". 

Hensley's belly button still hasn't healed and I noticed it starting to pus.  

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