Friday, January 15, 2016

Three weeks old

Personalized onesie from @little_darlings_boutique
Bow headband from @southernadoornments

Milestone cards from @vandababycards

At her doctors appointment, her doctor took off her umbilical cord since it was barely hanging on. He to me it didn't look like it was healing very well under it but he didn't seem concerned. It still has a scab on it and it's been 5 days. Her doctor also didn't seem concerned about the rash all over her private parts and told me I didn't need to do anything for it... He said to just turn down the heat in our place. It is also still not gone. I'm not sure if I really trust this doctors opinion.

We had one really bad night where all she wanted to do was nurse and wouldn't let me sleep.
Baby cocoon from @mintandarrows

Jax has been having a tough time too. He loves his sister and is so great with her but he is having a very tough time listening and getting angry at us. He is also very emotional.

Hensley had her first bath and absolutely loved it!

Muslin blanket from @flamingobabyorganics

Shirt from @west.of.3rd
Beanie from @shopquinnanddot
Shirt @lavenderandlaceco
Beanie from @shopquinnanddot

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