Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hensley's Birth- 9 days early

Saturday Dec 26 we decided the drive down to Oceanside (an hour south) to ride the train to old town (another hour) for Asher's birthday (Jaxons cousin). It probably wasn't the best idea since I was a few days away from being 39 weeks pregnant but we honestly didn't think anything would happen. 
It was a lot of fun and our train back to Oceanside arrived at 7:15pm. We walked around a lot that day and by the time we got back on the train to go home, I was having contractions that were about 20 min apart. But I still didn't get the feeling like anything would happen. It wasn't till we got home that my contractions started getting closer, but they would go from 20 minutes to 10 minutes to 3 miutedn back to 10 minutes apart. I started feeling very nauseous and the pain felt more intense so I ended up calling my mom and told her to come up just in case since it would take about an hour and a half to get there. Once I called her my contractions started getting further apart which frustrated me that I called my mom for nothing. Mike and I got the blowup mattress ready for her and we both laid down until she got there. I was still having contractions on the couch and one hurt really bad and I felt a pop, but nothing else came along with it. It wasn't till a little later that I felt a trickle, so I got up just to check. Once I walked into the bathroom my water broke and I had so much flush out. I yelled a couple times to wake Mike up and told him my water broke. At that point my mom was 20 minutes away so we had time to get our stuff together. Once we got to the hospital they got me ready for the c-section. I went from being fine to completely shaking which they called the "labor shakes". The worst part of the prep was the spinal thing they did to numb me. Other then that I couldn't feel anything. I had them give me oxygen to help calm my nerves so I wouldn't throw up. I loved the group that did my c-section because they had music playing the entire time. My best way to describe it would be todays hottest hits on Pandora. I didn't really pay attention to the music but Mike said Hensley came out to the "hotline blink" song. Mike watched the entire thing. It didn't gross him out at all. I just remember looking up at him and watching his eyes and his expression as he watched them. Once they got close to bringing her out, Mike looked at me and told me he could see her head and was shocked by how much hair she had and how dark it looked. They brought her over so I could see her and then Mike went with them to get her cleaned off. Once we got into recovery, she was right there with me which they immediately did skin to skin and she was ready to nurse right away. Hungry little monkey.
While in the hospital, we had family come to visit and Jax came both days and he was so excited to meet and hold her. He didn't really want to share her with anyone else. He loved that his baby sister was finally here. We also had such a great room in the hospital. You could see the beach which made you feel like you were in a hotel and not a hospital.
 Hensley was the perfect baby and only cried when she needed a diaper change or was really hungry. As for me, the first day was the hardest. They were a little worried about how much I was bleeding so one of the nurses had to push really hard on my stomach to see if any blood clots would come out and I cried out in so much pain. Worst pain ever. After that my stomach was so sensitive and I couldn't get out of bed to walk for my first time. The next day I was about to get out of bed and start walking around. Mike was a huge help the whole entire time. I'm lucky to have such a great man. We both agreed that this was a lot easier the second time around.
 I had the c-section early Sunday morning and we got to go home Tuesday around 11am. I may be crazy but I went shopping the third day since I needed stuff for Hensley. I stuck Hensley in my SollyWrap so no one would touch her. As long as I was talking my meds, I was feeling great.
I have also been super emotional. I think that because this is my last baby, I'm so scared both her and Jax are going to grow up way too fast. They will never be this tiny again. But I'm so happy to have both my babies. My heart is so full.

Hensley Rose 
Born Dec 27, 2015
7lbs 9oz
 (they said 20inches in the hospital but were wrong)




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