Sunday, January 3, 2016

One week old

I'm only 7lbs away from pre-baby weight!
Doesn't like car rides- she doesn't like to be in her car seat.
Sleeps in bed with us and sleeps pretty good at night. 
Doesn't cry much, mainly when she needs her diaper changed or if she is really hungry. 
Stopped crying when big brother sang to her... and boy, was it the cutest thing ever!
Rocketed poop out at me when I was changing her diaper half way through family pictures... In a forest...
Could spend all day on my boob if I let her.

"Wow, that's really amazing"
Whenever we ask him if he wants to do something or go somewhere, he responds with, "Maybe"
When he came home after spending time with my mom, we had a big brother gift ready for him. He was so excited and he looked over to Hensley, touched her head and said "thank you baby sister for all my presents" and "thank you baby sister, that's so sweet". I wanted to cry.
Mike traded his SUV in for and old Jeep and Jax has been obsessed! He always asked to ride in daddy's Jeep.

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