Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4-5 month must haves

Fisher Price Monkey Bouncer- He loves sitting in this and playing with the toys. It also helps me get stuff done!

Fisher Price SnugaBunny Rock 'N Play- This is the only way he will take naps and sleep long hours at night. Perfect for babies who wont sleep in a crib.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes- Jaxon loves any toy that he can press a button and it plays music. 

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper- This has so many cool things for Jax to play with. It makes music,  it has spots for you to attach other toys when he gets bored of the ones that are on there and he can turn himself around to view other things.

Skip Hop Treetop Owl- Another toy he LOVES. I think its all because of the crinkle paper in the wings.

Soft Book- If you can find a book that crinkles, get it. Not sure why, but babies love that sound. And its easy to take places.

Bumbo & Bumbo Play Tray- When Jaxon gets bored of laying in the monkey bouncer I will put him in  his bumbo chair so he can sit up and play with other toys. I also use this as a high chair. 

Sophie teethers- Both work so well when your baby is teething!
Same with
Nuby IcyBite key teethers. I stick both in my diaper bag and take them everywhere with me.


  1. Looks like a fun time at your house with all those toys. I think both of our Jax have entirely been blessed with bookohs of toys. I mean lets be honest, they are coming out the wahzoo! Haha. I loved this post. I wish I could have gotten one of those little rocker/sleeper things before Jax got too big, but he I think is around 13-14lbs now and soooo darn long!

  2. Yes to Sophie, Take Along Tunes, and the Rocker! We loved all three of those.

    Thanks so much for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop! I am now a follower and love your blog:).