Monday, February 4, 2013

21 Weeks.

This week I found a little blood on Jaxon's gums after he was chew on the nipple of his bottle.
I think we might have a tooth soon.
Since I went to formula only, he hasn't been pooping everyday like he use to. By the 3rd day of him not pooping, I went and got probiotics to help him along. He pooped 4 hours after! That was not a fun one to clean.
Also since he is only eating formula, he has put some weight on. Look at those chunky legs!

I can now put Jax down for a nap without having to sit next to him and wait for him to fall asleep. All I do is turn his music on, give him his stuffed animal/blanket and he goes to sleep. Praise the Lord! Its about freakin time.
Jax is now learning how to sit up. Ill put him on his butt with his hand on his legs and he will sit there for a little bit and then fall over. At least thats a start.
Oh, and he still hates tummy time but loves to stand. I swear this kid will walk before he can crawl.

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  1. My little guy is around the same age as your son and he HATES tummy time too. He acts like I'm torturing him! Lol!

  2. gaaahhhh!!!!! SUCH A CUTE BABYY!!!!

  3. He makes the funniest faces!! :) love those chunky thighs too!