Tuesday, February 26, 2013

24 Weeks.

Jaxon said DADA! Of course I understand that he is just making different sounds, but its still exciting. He also does the "b" sound and I thought I heard him do the "m" sound... but im not sure.
The other night I introduced Jax to the spoon. I started him off with just a little cereal in his bottle but last night I mixed it in a bowl and gave it to him. It was so cute to watch him try to eat it.
Jax LOVES my phone and the app called black & white by fisher-price. If he is upset, I turn it on and he calms down instantly.
I dont know if I have mentioned this in a previous post, but Jax throws fits! He screams at me. He isnt even 6 months yet!!! Terrible 2s should be a blast.
But I just adore him. :)
He's lucky he's so cute. haha

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  1. Gosh he's adorable!! I am so excited for that moment my girl says mama or dada! ❤❤

  2. I am definitely going to look into that app. Sounds interesting. Also, congrats on him saying DADA, MAMA will come. I always heard B and D are easier for them to say and then your reaction keeps them repeating it. I know what you mean too about the hissy fits, I think our Jax has figured out how to throw them in order to get his way. Such smart little boogers they are. It's so amazing.

    Happy 24 Weeks baby Jax!